..... Horsing Around is a 10”x10” coffee table book of beautiful equine photography accompanied by amusing commentary on lust and marriage. The concluding essay, “Writing English – and Jumping to Some New Conclusions,” offers a treasury of puns and anagrams regarding our human/animal nature and the abiding power of love.

Horsing Around provides a compelling ride for anyone who enjoys delving into words to discover deeper meanings and for all of those who hope to make their love and marriage a galloping success.

Written by ‘distinguished English linguist’ Laurel Airica, and assembled in creative collaboration with multi-media designer Lucy de Castenou, Horsing Around is a perfect gift for horse lovers, word lovers and human lovers on the verge of matrimony.

And because love is what makes the whirled go round a lot more merrily, every time you buy a copy of Horsing Around, we will donate a portion of the purchase price to Smile Train (www.smiletrain.org), a nonprofit organization that contributes to the health and happiness of young children all around the world.

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